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Enterprise Computer Vision Solution

Observe. Infer. Act.
Get your CCTV Cameras to do more through real-time AI.
Enterprise Ready
IRIS fits easily with any system and can be personalized according to your existing infrastructure. It can be deployed for both on-premise as well as synchronized with your cloud.
Plug & Play
IRIS can be connected to any existing CCTV network to monitor performance, people, and assets at your premises.
User Defined Alerts
Analyses data real-time and sends alerts accordingly. It is useful for immediate notification on stock-outs in stores, fire alerts, security breach, non-compliance of safety measures, etc.
Realtime personalized dashboards available on Web, iOS and Android platforms.
Multichannel Streaming
Ability to perform real-time identification and analysis of multiple video streams, i.e. it can analyse feeds from various CCTV at the same time.
Scene Optimization
We do not believe in one-model-fits-all. IRIS AI models are optimized for your premises.
Discover Measurable Business Benefits
Utilises deep learning models to learn, detect, categorise, and analyse the video feed. It can be trained on our models or even clients’ own unique data. Once this is done, it can automatically detect objects and analyse the video to apply the right configurations and process a response in under a second.
Leading vision AI to provide various insights about shopper, employee, assets, or even activity within the store premises. Retailers can unlock actionable insights for various aspects of their organisation - marketing, sales, customer experience or employee satisfaction using computer vision. It can generate reports on footfall in the store, demographic details such as male vs female or age, repeat customer alerts, the percentage of customers walking out without shopping, heat maps on areas most visited by customers, peak time walk-ins, the average time spent by shoppers, as well as other insights such as identifying stock-outs in real-time and alerting the manager, observing staff behavior, sentiment analysis and more. The analytical information lets retailers optimize their operations to ensure customer satisfaction.
petroleum retail
Petroleum retailers can now leverage data analytics and drive towards data driven goals for various aspects of their organisation. It can report customer demographics, wait time before fueling, filling time, peak time, fire detection, decantation and compliance, mobile phone usage, vehicle demographics, and vehicle count, etc. Thus, you can develop a base of regular customers, the percentage of customers who transacted at the outlet in a given time frame, the proportion of loyalty card holders, repeat usage rate, etc. This enables big retail petroleum chains to understand the estimated contribution of the new petrol station to the chain’s total volume. Many more such insights can be explored depending on the requirements.
health & safety
It is a common concern among various sectors - be it manufacturing, construction, energy, retail or any other. Organizations can benefit by harnessing the power of computer vision AI. From detecting a fire in under 10 seconds, to monitoring usage of PPE to prevent accidents and send alerts in case of non-compliance, IRIS can do it all. Moreover, it can monitor hazard signs, use of correct equipment, proper lighting, overcrowding, monitoring entry exit into exclusion zones, and prevention of health injuries, thereby complying a safe work environment. In addition, IRIS generates reports on predictive maintenance, usage efficiency of the various types of machines including productive time, non-productive time, maintenance, etc.
Modernise your warehouse operations by exploring the potential of computer vision and machine learning. Asset utilization, Dock utilization, Truck turn-around-time (TAT), Machine utilization are some of the factors that affect the operational efficiency and costs. There was a gap in asset utilization (like unloaded/loaded forklift movement), space utilization, TAT, etc. Furthermore, there were accidents due to near misses, which could have been prevented if the near misses would have been reported timely. In an IRIS enabled warehouse, virtual boundaries separate the pathways for forklifts & pedestrians and real-time alarms are raised if these are not followed, near-misses are monitored based on predefined rules. Moreover, it generates reports on the different types of loads, and more.
For seamless operation in any facility, it is essential to secure the premises from pilferage and ensure employee safety. Most of the manufacturing premises, warehouses, offices, petrol stations, and even large open farms are monitored using CCTV cameras. Companies want to control intrusion, detect fire, generate alarms, prevent accidents, and manage their workplace security & safety. From identifying dangerous objects like knives and guns to raising alarms for the same, IRIS is the go-to solution. It can also be used in high-security environments like banks where they can use AI computer vision for more accurate identification of customers when large amounts of money are being exchanged.
One of the upcoming areas for AI vision is bank ATMs. One of the reasons for this is because banks usually operate a huge network of ATMs, some of which might be in remote locations. In general, an ATM breakdown potentially causes a lot of inconvenience to customers. Thus, IRIS can be utilised for predictive maintenance as well as forecasting ATM cash demand. Likewise, banks can get crucial insights such as the presence of security guard, peak times, average time spent, demographics, monitor back room, monitor user-posture to prevent theft and raise alert, detect fire. This could also help them get insights on the actual usage and efficiency of their ATMs.
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One of India’s leading retail chains
100s of CCTV cameras are in operation with IRIS to provide real-time footfall, demographics, customer engagement, repeat customer analysis, sentiment analysis, staff management, store layouts, merchandising, and much more.